14 New Kitchen Hacks to Improve Your Life (2024)

Kitchen hacks are ingenious techniques and shortcuts that can greatly simplify cooking and meal preparation. By utilizing these clever tricks, individuals can make their time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. These hacks often involve utilizing simple tips and tricks to save time and effort, allowing cooks to streamline their processes and achieve delicious results with ease. Kitchen hacks are all about finding innovative ways to make cooking a breeze.

1. Use a damp paper towel under a cutting board to prevent it from slipping.

Placing a paper towel underneath a cutting board provides stability and prevents the board from slipping or sliding during food preparation, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of accidents. Secondly, the paper towel acts as a cushion, protecting the countertop or surface from scratches and damage caused by the sharp edges of the knife. Additionally, it absorbs any excess moisture or liquids from the food being cut, preventing it from pooling and creating a mess. Lastly, the paper towel can be easily disposed of, making cleanup quick and convenient. Overall, using a paper towel under a cutting board enhances both the efficiency and cleanliness of the cooking process.

2. Freeze leftover herbs in olive oil for easy flavor additions to dishes.

Preserving excess herbs in olive oil by freezing them is a superb method to prevent wastage and elevate the flavor of upcoming meals with minimal exertion.

3. Place a wooden spoon over a pot to prevent boiling over.

Using a wooden spoon to cover a pot can effectively stop liquid from boiling over by interrupting the bubble formation on the liquid’s surface. The spoon serves as a blockade that disturbs the surface tension, enabling steam to be released and stopping the liquid from overflowing the pot.

4. Use a muffin tin to portion out and freeze homemade broths or sauces.

Utilizing a muffin tin to portion and freeze homemade broths or sauces offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows for convenient portion control, ensuring that you have the perfect amount of broth or sauce for each use. Secondly, the individual compartments of the muffin tin enable easy storage and organization in the freezer, preventing any potential mess or leakage. Lastly, freezing broths or sauces in muffin tins allows for quick and effortless thawing, as you can easily pop out the desired portion and defrost it as needed.

5. Microwave citrus fruits for a few seconds to make them easier to juice.

Microwaving citrus fruits can simplify the juicing process by making them softer and easier to extract juice from. This method helps break down the fruit’s membranes and release more juice, resulting in a more efficient juicing experience.

6. Keep brown sugar soft by storing it with a slice of bread.

By placing a slice of bread with brown sugar, the moisture from the bread prevents the brown sugar from hardening.

7. Use a toothpick to easily remove avocado pits.

To extract an avocado pit using a toothpick, follow these steps: First, carefully insert the toothpick into the pit until it securely holds. Then, gently twist and lift the toothpick, applying slight pressure to dislodge the pit from the avocado flesh. Finally, remove the pit from the toothpick and discard it.

8. Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays for cooking purposes.

Freezing wine in ice cube trays offers several advantages when it comes to cooking. Firstly, it allows you to preserve leftover wine instead of wasting it. By freezing it in small portions, you can easily use the exact amount needed for a recipe without having to open a new bottle.

9. Use a spoon to peel ginger instead of a knife.

To peel ginger using a spoon, start by holding the ginger firmly in one hand and the spoon in the other hand. Then, use the edge of the spoon to scrape off the skin of the ginger by gently pressing and moving the spoon along the surface. Continue this process until all the skin is removed, and you are left with the peeled ginger ready to be used in your recipe.

10. Store onions in pantyhose to keep them fresh longer.

Storing onions in hosiery ensures they are well-ventilated and dry, thus extending their shelf life.

11. Keep bananas fresh longer by wrapping the stems in plastic wrap.

Wrapping banana stems in plastic prolongs their shelf life due to the barrier it creates against external factors.

12. Use a straw to easily remove strawberry stems.

Hold the strawberry firmly in your hand, positioning the bottom to the side. Insert the straw into the bottom of the strawberry and push it upwards in a straight motion until the straw emerges from the top, removing the stem and core simultaneously.

13. Keep lettuce fresh longer by wrapping it in paper towels.

By absorbing excess moisture, the paper towel prevents the lettuce from rotting and maintains its freshness for a longer period of time.

14. Use a spoon to easily peel hard-boiled eggs.

To begin, crack the eggs at the wider end and gently remove a small portion of the shell using your fingers. Then, carefully slide a spoon beneath the shell, ensuring that the spoon’s curve matches the curve of the egg. Rotate the egg while moving the spoon to effortlessly detach the shell. This technique works wonders when you have a small number of eggs to peel.

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